Two boys and childhood friends from Cologne enthusiastically established a platform for artists, and those appreciating and loving their work.

We, Rafael and Flo, are passionate fans of photography, interior and art. In collaboration with fantastic photographers and artists we had the chance to build up something special.

We noticed the lack of access to art in physical form. Art and photography should not only be published and appreciated on Instagram, but also be hanging on our living room walls. We want to make the art of your favourite artists accessible - in the quality it deserves and to a fair price. Alternatives are either highly commercial poster sellers, which offer inappropriate quality, or high-end priced premium providers. 

Further, we missed the appreciation of the artists behind the art. Because in the end, those are the people deserving the recognition and praise. Blacklemon Club will give the fans of our artists the possibility to buy their art and hang it in places where they live. And this is the greatest appreciation an artist can experience.